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University of Texas – Moody College of Communication – Building A & B Renovations – Austin, Texas

Owner: University of Texas System
Contact Person: Bart Kleiman
Date Completed: Project Date Range - 2014-2016
Construction Cost: $12,940,000 (Overall)
Project Description:

The project includes extensive HVAC system renovations in two buildings, (CMA/CMB) of the Moody College of Communication. CMA/Level 2 is devoted to Speech & Hearing clinics and research offices and the college was looking to improve circulation issues, as well as repurpose some of the areas due to inefficiencies, new regulations, and new technologies.  The architectural scope included tearing out all of the walls, flooring, and ceiling on the western side of the floor. Since the primary HVAC design goal was to reuse existing VAV boxes, JIG was able to meet the demands of the renovated space while only have to replace one of the 47 VAV boxes serving the area. Where new zoning was required, galvanized sheet metal ducts were routed to the spaces from both the new VAV boxes and the existing VAV boxes to remain, with new flex duct and diffusers providing air to each space.

In contrast to CMB/Level 2 required a far more extensive mechanical rework. The floor comprised of large storage areas for Moody College and other tenants of the building. The storage space was relocated to make room for new research offices, conferences rooms and two 75-seat auditoriums. To handle the increased occupant load, JIG replaced the air handling unit serving the 1st and 2nd floor, with a custom unit to accommodate space limitations. Due to occupied space and ongoing construction in the building, we were able to minimize impact in sensitive spaces by coordinating with the structural team and reconfiguring the trunk ducts serving the floor. On level 4 the school added a computer lab, editing suites, and a set shop. To meet the needs of the new space, JIG reconfigured the return air and exhaust paths, and capitalized on the untapped capacity of existing air handling units on the 5th and 9th floors.


Services Provided:

Jose I. Guerra Inc. provided complete structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering

design and construction administration services.


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